“The Glory of York” exhibition, Blue Tree Gallery, York.

Great news!

My latest project on “Doors to History” goes on view at the Blue Tree gallery on the 2nd July and runs to the 2nd September. It’s something I’m quite proud of and takes a slightly unusual look at the history, atmosphere and emotions of the city closest to my heart through it’s front doors.

Doors feature prominently in western culture. We open them wide to welcome friends, we slam them in others’ faces. We hide secrets behind closed doors.
Doors can be smart, battered, imposing, functional. They give first impressions of what might be beyond. Sometimes they are even bricked up. What is it that people no longer want to see?

This project, inspired by the industrial typologies of the German photographers Bernd and Hilla Becher, helps celebrate the variety, history and emotions of the City of York by looking at the city a little differently, through its doors.

The exhibition, being held in conjunction with the York 800 celebrations features myself alongside 3 other excellent artists – Giuliana Lazzerini on the architecture of York, Colin Carruthers on the gardens and rivers of York and Richard Burel on York city life. The gallery has a facebook page too and is located near Bootham Bar just round the corner from the City Art Gallery.

Exhibition flyer

Exhibition flyer