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Artist’s statement

Mindfulness is a key concept in Mahayana Buddhism, being present in the moment, appreciating life and the world as it is, uncritically and without judgements. It is this concept of mindfulness that Graham attempts to capture in his photography. Often he is drawn to water, as a potent symbol of the transient nature of the world, and reflections as a way of viewing the world from a slightly different perspective, breaking the linear nature of normal sight.

Textures feature strongly in his images, encouraging the viewer to ‘touch’ the subject with their minds, feel the textures visually but remembering the Zen principle of “not confusing the finger with the moon”.

Stills photography, by its very nature, exists in the moment. It represents the forever ‘present’, mindfulness captured, while highlighting transience of things in showing how they ‘were’ at a moment in the past. This paradox is at the heart of Graham’s philosophy and art.


Graham has more than 30 years experience in photography, both for business as well as pleasure. He has photographed many different subjects but keeps coming back to certain themes that will become obvious as you browse the galleries on this site.

He also takes photographs for other sites, including Clash of Steel, a popular military history enthusiasts website and has been published and exhibited several times.

His range of work currently is mostly for pleasure and artistic expression but he does offer high quality prints of these images for sale. Should you wish to purchase prints, use his work commercially, or discuss commissions, please use the contact form below to get in touch.

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